Thursday, January 5, 2012


It must be nice, discovering such a handy niche.. a decision has been made, evolution stop.. comfort, I would love to try your way, seems highly effective but unfortunately I am a purist.
Purist, possibly an early Galic term for fear, anxiety, lack of self confidence. A tool that explains away failure, lack of achievment or simply the desire to no longer evolve.. what a tool, a word like a mother with a lazy child, enabler.. I have been reading quite a bit about fly fishing and the pure side, the enchanted side, those that have apparently held high court with their inner emotions and made sense of the conflict that every predator must have. He looks to the bead as if its another mans wife, to go there would violate high church, High Church.. I actually heard someone refer to fly fishing as high church... really? We must after all stand for something or fall for anything..right? these are the thoughts and words of wolves in sheeps clothing that in the end wish to send young boys into battle, their battle, but not their children.. I would be careful how firm I stood on any belief that involved a group or class of people, that is how you end up holding a gun, or driving someone different from you to the edge of town.. get out, this is Purist town... flosser.

While I am just a childish 40 ( well actually 13094 days old ) I have learned that for the most part credo's and boxes rarely teach the world much or make anyones life better, I have enjoyed alot of the reads and conversations Ive encountered as of late but have drawn nothing from them, just fishing themed episodes of the Kardashians, conflicted folks with issues they can't work out.. issues that are simply non-issues, Ive come to the conclusion that these folks who appear to have figured it all out, while knowing a great deal about conflict and over analization.. know nothing about what fly fishing is really about- tight lines.


  1. i couldn't agree more. thanks for that.
    i shared this on my blog, i hope it's ok.

  2. Thanks for commenting guys, I actually only expected to recieve flack on this one... im not alone is this world? Thank you Mark for sharing, perhaps others share this angle?

  3. Excellent, what a great post and such a good way to kick off 2012!

    Best wishes

  4. Get your bead "fly" out of here! LOL

  5. " while knowing a great deal about conflict and over analization "

    You Should Really Pay Close Attention To Your Own Words! See you on the waters edge some day.

  6. yes, there is a great deal of hypocracy in every writer-

  7. But to be true to ones own heart, why would there be?

  8. becouse nothing is as fickle or two faced as the human heart.. guess thats why its called the human condition, so examples of my hypocracy? Im enjoying this-

  9. Maybe you need to hang out with some other friends? Or maybe you need to do some soul searching. It is not up to me to do your own home work or to spell out your short comings.

    Maybe some day we will get the chance to share a drift and have more conversation. Until then, Tight Lines.