Saturday, February 12, 2011

Cabelas C.G.R 7/8 wt trout field test

Well I couldn't resist, so I headed out this afternoon to a friends stocked private pond and tried to give the rod the old put a fish on the end of it test, and I'm impressed. I caught around a dozen Kamloop Rainbows in about 3 hours, the average being about 14" and the two biggest ( both beat my tippet ) in the 22-25" range. The rods tip is sensitive enough to make playing small fish fun, while still having the testicular fortitude to fight a 5 lb fish, not sure it can handle an 8-12 pound steel yet, but my hopes are higher than they were at the table review. I will just have to drive down to the Rogue on Sunday ma be and see what I can kick up. I forgot, being a 9 footer fan how fun a shorter rod is, and what you can fish around.. this is in my opinion a spectacular commando rod meant for trekking in for average fish but having the reserves to do battle with a trophy brown or bull trout... its a Yellowstone cutthroat rod at is core. I will definitely be carrying this rod to Alaska to do battle with some Kenai rainbows... as the glass gives you the best of both worlds... the ability to enjoy the Dinks... and rock the brood stock.. Get some! stay tuned, gonna throw a sink tip and a rogue river special on her and take her to the Big Show-


  1. So where abouts on the rogue are u going? Grants pass area would be my guess. Most of the steelhead are in that area. Ill be at my usual spot sunday unless u want to meet up some where :D

    Oh sounds like a good way to test out the rod on those big ol pond stockers.

  2. Never heard a rod described as having testicular fortitude, sounds like my kind of rod.

    I've been following for a little while, I'm liking the blog. Keep up the good work.

  3. Glad to hear that it has some huevos. I'll be giving mine a proper test tomorrow.;)

  4. Well, congrats on the fine trip out...I passed on that rod...we will see if I made the right decision on my Idaho steelie trip coming up! I'm trying the Winston 9 ft 8 wt... The Rogue sounds like a river that I will have to try someday for sure.

  5. you made the right choice.. winstons are great.

  6. I'm a huge fan of this thing, its definatly a 7wt, and will happily launch that line. I've used it for SMB, LMB, assorted pan fish and schoolie stripers, and it was a blast on all of them.

    Shame its discontinued. THere's a more expensive version that's brown. I'm pretty sure those are the only differences.