Sunday, January 29, 2012

Back to my roots..

Ive been fishing quite a bit in the last week, and basicly doing rather poorly. 3-12, I would prefer numbers in the 7-12 range maybe even 10-12, but not likely. In the last week the rivers have blown out, its snowed 8 inches, I was late to a fishing trip and Ive turned down 3 offers to go fishing and had high muddy fast water to deal with. I sat in my man-cave thinking of my week of fishing and trying to figure out why I haven't really had fun on most of my trips this year. Glancing to the corner of the room my eye's spied my RPL, adorned with a very sexy Ross CLA covered in dust, sad and feeling scorned.. it seemed to say... my grandfather was with you when you couldn't even hook a steelhead, and now this...why? I tipped my glass and waxed my lips with Jameson and stated matter of factly that the water this year was for the most part too high and mean to even land a fish if I managed to hook one. It turned and faced the wall again, and muttered.....the 30 year old Riverkeeper would have rather seen his sister in a whorehouse than his brother holding a spin rod....pussy So I threw the rod in the truck at 2 in the afternoon yesterday drove it 50 miles, and took it on a 5 mile bike ride behind a locked gate and into some of the best sight fishing Ive had all winter.... The 40 year old Riverkeeper is not a pussy, I think its time the spin rod collects a little dust-


  1. We still gotta try to hook up and fish this winter. That means I need to get off my ass and get my fishing license...

  2. Looks like it was worth the trip. I hope you dusted the rod off and gently put it into the truck. They have feelings, you know.


  3. There you go...some much needed redemption.
    It tough when the cons seem to be fighting you all the way. Dirty high water is certainly a son of a $%*&@.

  4. Five miles on the bike sounds like my kinda outing. Congratz on the fish and great waterfall pic.