Sunday, December 25, 2011

Washington Razor Clamming

Every Year around Christmas Washington state has a clam dig, in our family going is a tradition. I love the beach in the winter, dusk, and all the exited clammers digging for some of the biggest razors around, some up to 8 inches! I cannot applaud the state of Washington enough for the amazing job they do managing this resource, thats not something we get to say about goverment agencies very often. Living on the Washington- Oregon boarder, and the very reasonable fee for a non resident shellfish license allows me to enjoy one of the best managed clam digs probably in the country. I wish Oregon would adopt the same managment plan for our clams so we could enjoy the same qaulity of expirence and resource, by only sacraficeing a little bit of opportunity. When I see the photos of Grace so small standing amongst all those holes, and know that this resource will be here healthy and available for her to share someday with her children.. makes me smile. Merry Christmas, Brad

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