Thursday, March 29, 2012

Your Rod has no Soul...

Sometimes late at night I sit in my Lab ( man cave for fly tyiers ) and take a fly rod out of it tube and just hold it, putting it carefuly together, lining the guides up perfectly.. then twisting my wrist admiring its guides and reel seat. Then I turn and look at my reels and like a mans barbie I try different ones on in a strange game of grown man dress up, that ones too heavy.. no not that one its too small, the balance is wrong.. there ya go, perfect. Then I put them away and walk softly up the stairs and climb into bed, often the wife inquires as to what ive been doing.. cleaning, arranging,reading... anything, you name it, anything but " ive been playing dress up with my flyrods " frankly sound a touch creepy just writing it. You see, I love my gear, flyrods in particular almost as much as I like fishing, in fact I may fish just so I can play with them, im not sure.. the verdict is still out on that one. I hate comments like "reels are just line holders" or " any rod can get the job done just the same" shit... sensless shit spoken by men who love the trout, steel or carp more than the gear. Some rods are lifeless, cold, stiff..absolutely bankrupt in the department of charm or soul. This is why I love Glass, glass the class clown of blanks, the game changer.. I am not fond of your T.F.O... or your z-axis... I donot want to hear about your Cabelas 3 forks package.. and yes, that reel is infact just a line holder. We won't talk about lines or leaders here becouse thats worse than religion or politics in a bar. I love rods with soul, heart, character... testicular fortitude is not a requirement for my rods simply becouse we will win with tact and strategy.. I have added a new rod to the RIVERKEEPER stable, I have recieved a great deal of guff and criticism over what I paid for " an outdated material " I find it funny that all of us will someday somewhere find that 2x2 foot square where we will be standing when the bullet hits the bone.. age overcomes us, or the cancer wins the fight. And you will be gone, they will dress you in expensive clothes you never would have worn in the world, and plant you in the ground in a box that cost more than the combined total of every mattress you ever slept on in your life... and then the Government will tax you for dying.. Uncle Sam will be getting $625 less of my money when my big show ends- Readers please welcome the Scott Fiberhammer to the RIVERKEEPER family... I hope it makes it into the family album many times in the coming years-

Monday, March 12, 2012

Guest Writer's needed

In Just 3 short weeks I will once again be heading to Alaska for 8 weeks, in the past I have allowed the blog to just lay dormant while Im away. Lately Ive been thinking what a great opportunity it is to allow other bloggers to give my page a new or different face, so if you are a reader, you need not have your own blog, just something to teach or say, or maybe you have wanted to try your hand at blogging but just haven't pulled the trigger on your own creation yet. I would love to see this place spruced up with a different perspective or maybe a little different content. So if your feeling up to the task please feel free to e-mail me or just leave a comment and we can work it all out- Thanks for reading, Tight lines- Brad

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So as I sit here tonight catching up on all the great reads you folks produce daily I came across a post from November Rains, ( check my reads list to the right of the screen if you wanna check it out.. and you should ) Brian, a very skilled pin fishermen from americas heartland managed to perpetrate the fraud of photographer for a pretty high caliber sporting publication, ( great job man ) now, being a typical man I decided I would compliment him, and possibly throw in a jab or two about lake run trout or beading.. when you buy a license in Oregon you actually have to sign an agreement that if you ever meet a steelhead alley boy or a New Yorker with a six weight and a steel addiction that you must instantly shout out.." lake run trout" and as they begin to froth whisper " beads.. really? "... flosser.. so I was gonna try and do my part and fulfill my stately obligation when after I hit the post button I was thrown to the ground by a sucker punch called a capchka? ( is that even right?) three tries... yea, I said three, first one was in Gaelic, im pretty sure the second one had a picture of a bird in it and the third one was Greek but luckily I was able to use a translater.. its getting pretty labor intensive for my small wester mind to work out googles "code" soooo... google, WTF?

Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Help Is Needed-

Good Morning, I have a request for all 6 of my readers, Recycled fish is in steep competition for a grant to help with their grass roots clean up campaign, if you would like to read what recycled fish is all about please go to Their One Million Stewards program is competing for a grant at You can follow this link to place your vote for them once a day untill March 15th. They are the bottom right option with the name One Million Stewards by recycled fish. As your reward here is an adoreable picture of who we are doing this for- Good fishing