Monday, January 16, 2012

Steelhead limit on glass...

Sorry to all who tried to read the post I deleted, The post was all scrambled when it appeared on the site, so I deleted it- Saturday was the only day available for me to fish this week, I typicaly don't fish the weekends due to the high pressure, but Ive been wanting to hook a steelhead to the business end of two new glass rods, so I went.... and it turned out pretty good for weekend fishing. I fished my new Wright&McGill S-Curve medium drifter spin rod.. landed 3 and kept 1 clear finned chromer, one was a pretty decent high finner around 30 inches. The second half of the day I fished my Cabelas C.G.R classic glass 7/8 wt... 3 fish all in the 6-8 lb range, once again retained a stunning clear finned chromer, both were nice hard fighting hens, and both rods performed exellent, I plan on doing full posts on both rods performances soon. I had been hoping a new reel was coming in the mail so I could introduce a whole new angle on hammering steel on the blog... soon perhaps.. Sorry about all the Fiberglassmanifesto content in the photos, ive been trying to get a good shot to enter in the T.F.M spotting contest.. can always use a new rod! Anyway this post was way better the first time I wrote it but now have lost heart in it so enjoy the Fish porn... Im going fishing again tomorrow, in a big snowstorm.. maybe that post will be more eloquent and more interesting- Good fishin-


  1. Nice to hear the Cabela's CGR was up to the task. I've admired those rods... maybe I'll get one when they hit the bargain cave.

  2. Jay this rod is actually a much better bass rod than steelhead rod, Ive caught average fish of both species with it and the bass is where it shined, with a cortland 444 wf line it tosses big flies quite nice-

  3. :0( not the report I was hoping to read but soon perhaps!
    Good on ya for gettin out there when the gettin is good.
    I hope to float a new 13' GLX a buddy lent me to trial for a few months this weekend in -7 Celsius temps. Snomobiling and Chrome hunting...I hope ;o)

  4. Sorry Shoreman, I accidentaly deleted your comment while moderating it... thanks you for reading-