Sunday, March 21, 2010


This winter I did a personal challenge to fill my tag with spoon only caught steelhead. It went pretty good although I didn't reach my goal. Carons work got busy, Mike got married the 1st weekend of the month. ( mike is my wifes brother ) so I only fished 3 times after setting the goal, but 1 spoon jumped to the forefront right from the begining. It was a teardrop Rainbow Plastics steelhead spoon in a Green yellow white and orange design. It just saved every trip and caught extremely large aggressive fish. So now that im back to fly fishing I decided to mimick it inan egg sucking leech pattern..... wonder how it will do on those Alaskan native steel.

Drift Boat Renovation

Well Ive been trying to fix up my drift boat before my April 1st departure to Alaska. My hopes were to have it tuned up with a shave and a haircut for my trip to Plumas co. California in June, the Pit and Hat creek have been begging me to float them. But I just haven't been able to get even the old paint off, or even pick a new color.... battleship gray perhaps??? its a 1986 Don Hill drifter, that had been rear ended and had to have 1' taken off the stern and replace.. so now its 13'... lucky unlucky number perhaps? Ive been considering naming it ole' 13#, the boat catches fish, hope tuning it up does't kill its fishiness.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It is what it is.

Im not sure what this blog is really about, one day.. about 32 years ago at a place called Deep lake, in Ne Washington I caught an 18" native westslope cutthroat.... and the rest has been history. I fish, for fun, for a living, for no reason at all... mabe im obsessed, but its me, who I am, Im writing this blog for my son, and my Friends, if you choose to follow it I must warn you.. it is not an advice forum, there are no secrets or knowledge hidden within... just a place to smoke a ciggarette I guess.