Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gone for the summer-

IM taking a break from writing the blog while working on the book.. to see my latest action please use the facebook badge on the right of the screen. See everyone in the Fall- Brad

Monday, February 11, 2013


Months ago I raised my pitchfork and cried out against the word verification captcka... lately many of my Brave blogger friends have removed this horrific control setting from their accounts, leaving themselves open to bots and crazys who could leave whatever they wish as a comment, I find the move forward honest and genuine.. I join them today, in an act of solidarity, brotherhood... agreement, I have removed word verification and comment moderation from my blog.. please, no comments about hair removal or what you have seen Katie Perry doing with Taylor Swift.. this is a fishing blog.. I think? Tight lines Ya'll-


No posts, pictures, links... absent without a note from my parents, in september my son ask me, "Dad, what was fishing like when you were a kid?"... simple, worms, hookin dragonfly nymphs and hopper through the thorax.. bull trout and cutts and warm days.. level lines and $25 flyrods.. Im tired of the wild steelhead coalition, trout unlimited.. pebble mine, low returns.. native rights.. I did not get into this game to be a politician, For the last three months Ive been living inside of my own heart, just fishin.. I have missed just fishing.. I have no need for affirmation or pictures.. I simply have walked alone and casted for the sake of a cast.. it has been nice, I feel social again- Brad