Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The title says it all.. almost 2 solid weeks of constant rain has really put a damper on spoons, muddy water requires bait.. I don't use bait.. I don't catch fish- I did hit the necanicum by klootchy creek and the water was spoon worthy for the first 3 hrs. Early on I had a denial that I watched with dissapointment, then 2 hrs later I had back to back denials to a usally productive spoon... so I figured I have a line issue, so I came home and re-spooled but dropped down to 10#, I personaly fish 15 lb with spoons, the fish typicaly don't seem to care, but I guess when it gets dirty it must really show. So on a good note the rain has turned to snow so I will head to Big and Gnat creek in the morning to see what they look like.... but this time I will have my flyrod, just in case the water is out of wack... I know how to fish bad water with a flyrod.. so I guess we will see- Tight lines

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

There Here!!!

I'm as exited as a 5 yr old on Christmas eve, test spoons from a major tackle manufacturer have arrived and I can't wait to roll them through a rock garden. The testing is on the paint and finish, hopefully achieving a better bond and a longer lasting paint job, They also down sized the split ring and put siwash hooks on them, but I'm gonna change them to mustad hooks because that's what I prefer. Originally the spoons have only come in paint on silver, but they have built me 20 that are on brass or copper... and if my theory's correct... the copper is gonna slay. I had planned on heading over to the John Day for the day tomorrow but time won't allow it so I'm gonna head to the nestucca, where I believe the best odds of banging a 15+ pound er currently are.. hope to post some fish pictures tomorrow nite!.......... wish me luck!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

A little help-

So my blog has had almost 400 views, but no comments, Not that I really need the comments but kinda wondering if its not allowing them, and does my slideshow work? it just perpetually loads when im on.... so, if anyone feels like giving some input, I would appreciate it- email me at I really appreciate any input- Brad

Blue Moon River Alaska

Well I haven't been fishing in a while, rivers are blown out and Im in the middle of a decent size home improvement project, so heres another old fishin day-

On the Alaska penisula on there is an anchorage named port Wrangel... there isn't a port there.. long ago halibut schooners used it as a saltry for herring bait and at one time there may have been a cannery there, but now.. just a good place to anchor for the nite. Sitting on anchor one nite Ray and I decided that in the morning we would check out what appeared to be a river on the chart... un-named, we thought.. hey, mabe a secret trout river perhaps, so in the morning we set out for the possible mouth of the river. It was raining like the second coming, we were soaked by the time we managed to find a route into the river, a heavy swell rolled in off the shelikof strait and it was somewhat hairy crossing the small bar into the deep cut entrance. We ran upriver for what seemed like 1.5 to 2 miles through amazing canyons that reminded me of the snake river country then an open valley and the river shallowed up and we had to abandon our livingston for foot travel. another mile up and in and we started to fish, Ray threw pixies and I opted for a black bunny leech on the flyrod.. my second cast I hooked up with an 8-10 lb chrome brite fish that acted an awfull lot like a steelhead, moments later Ray landed an amazing 6-7 lb dolly.. then I got a couple 14-18'' dolly's and a handful of humpy's.. the rain started coming down in sheets that frothed the river and we started to get a little worried that the lump would come up and trap us at the mouth. I had brought 1 blue moon beer that Caron had given me a case of for my birthday.. we shared it, smoked one of only 2 smokes that had survived the trip in and headed back for the boat.. when we got to the skiff the tide had gone out considerably and we had to drag it 50 yards to deep enough water to run in.... we got back to the boat shared our story and dubbed the un-named jem, the Blue Moon River-