Tuesday, January 24, 2012

How not to work a steelhead...

I can't believe this guy posted this video, but im glad he did. Often I am asked by new steelheaders how to, or what to do when they get a fish, well this video contains the best examples of what NOT to do. 1. on the strike he did a perfect hook set, then he lays the wood to the fish 2 more times, with an uphill hit with the fisherman below the fish this fish probably hooked himself as good as it was gonna get. 2. The angler then proceeds to "attack" the fish in the very first minutes of the fight, this fish spins on the surface soley becouse of how hard the angler is pulling up on it.. this fish should have been allowed to pull, without having the boots put to him. 3. NEVER put your hands on the blank of your rod, if there is not cork on it, then its not a place for your hands, this guy actually grabs the rod at the ferrule with a hot fish that is still green... the fish was nowhere near being ready to land without a net. must be an ugly stick.. becouse a loomis would be laying on the ground in 3 pieces. 4. You will only be able to tail about 1 out of 3 fish bare handed.. 1 out of 10 that are still as hot as this fish was when he tried to land it, and 1 out of 20 when the fish is a dink like this one, there is no girth to the tail, its simply gonna scoot righ through your grip like a bar of soap... a glove will improve the success rate of this dramaticly, he is wearing nitril gloves, but that is about as bad as a bare hand. but this fish was too hot to land anyway. 5. I don't understand why guys set themselves up for failure.. no net, from a rock ledge, across the river was a perfect drift with an exellent bank he could land a fish on, or chase a fish.. if this fish had run down through the tailout how was he gonna chase it? he started himself out already behind the 8 ball. I think my favorite part is how he kinda punks like he just let the fish go, when it clearly made a fool of him. But, in closing I will admit it was a sweet hook-up and he did at least touch it, myself I subscribe to the belief a hook-up on the first cast is bad luck for the rest of the day... but then I guess you don't need luck when you already got one in the first 3 minutes of the trip. Man I hope this Oregon flood ends soon... im starting to get cranky- Good fishing


  1. Thanks for sharing -- it's nice to see someone is out there fishing. Yeah, kinda strange that he chose to fish from this bank instead of the other one. I bet the access was easier. People are lazy.

  2. Thanks for the comments guys... I believe there was quite a while during that over the head landing fiasco that if the hook had popped out this guy woulda lost an eye... and all on video-

  3. Kind of reminded me of those pro bass guys who hook a fish and just crank it in. Guy looked like he had 100 pound test on his rod. Wonder why he didn't just fling it up on the rocks.


    1. yeah, maybe we should get him a nascar jacket for his birthday... I still can't believe he put it on the world wide web!