Friday, March 2, 2012

Your Help Is Needed-

Good Morning, I have a request for all 6 of my readers, Recycled fish is in steep competition for a grant to help with their grass roots clean up campaign, if you would like to read what recycled fish is all about please go to Their One Million Stewards program is competing for a grant at You can follow this link to place your vote for them once a day untill March 15th. They are the bottom right option with the name One Million Stewards by recycled fish. As your reward here is an adoreable picture of who we are doing this for- Good fishing


  1. damn! my links never work! will try to fix in the morning-

  2. Voted - One Million Stewards is in the #2 spot right now - 475 votes to the leader's 507. That's not a big gap, I'm sure that blog exposure like this, plus some OBN help, could push them over to the top spot!