Wednesday, March 7, 2012


So as I sit here tonight catching up on all the great reads you folks produce daily I came across a post from November Rains, ( check my reads list to the right of the screen if you wanna check it out.. and you should ) Brian, a very skilled pin fishermen from americas heartland managed to perpetrate the fraud of photographer for a pretty high caliber sporting publication, ( great job man ) now, being a typical man I decided I would compliment him, and possibly throw in a jab or two about lake run trout or beading.. when you buy a license in Oregon you actually have to sign an agreement that if you ever meet a steelhead alley boy or a New Yorker with a six weight and a steel addiction that you must instantly shout out.." lake run trout" and as they begin to froth whisper " beads.. really? "... flosser.. so I was gonna try and do my part and fulfill my stately obligation when after I hit the post button I was thrown to the ground by a sucker punch called a capchka? ( is that even right?) three tries... yea, I said three, first one was in Gaelic, im pretty sure the second one had a picture of a bird in it and the third one was Greek but luckily I was able to use a translater.. its getting pretty labor intensive for my small wester mind to work out googles "code" soooo... google, WTF?

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  1. are smart brother!!! I had to google capchka to understand what the F you were talking about. Luckily for me I didn't get capchka'd and learned via wikipedia what the crap it is. I have had that happen to me once on Google as well. if this is what the WWW is coming too we are in trouble. Perhaps retina scans and or random blood testing...christ...its just a search engine. are right...Google...WTF?
    btw..thanks for the kind words...and for the record...I am the only Canadian in the Great lakes that hasn't and refuses to run a bead. ;0)