Sunday, July 17, 2011

Calling all readers!

Ok, this is a little shameless but I have entered a caption contest on the Hopper Jaun blog, some sweet montana fly co. swag goes to the winner... and I want to win! The blog is a sweet blog and ive been lurking on it for some time, but finally made an attempt at one of his contests. Soooo, if you feel like going over and checking it out please consider voting for my comment " throw your purse at it" or I guess if you like one of the other 4 finalist better, vote for them... but check it out if you have the time. You can find the post at Thanks and tight lines-


  1. I didn't make the final cut, so at least it's someone I know. Done!

  2. you sir are a scholar and gentleman! and I thought your caption was great-

  3. I got ya! Looks like you're 1 vote behind first at the momment. Good Luck