Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cabelas C.G.R and North Idaho Bass

Well after returning home last week from a long stint in Alaska it was time to head to hope Idaho for a few days of fishing and family time. I had been looking forward to some trout fishing on the Clarke Fork and the Pack River, but apparently the huge snow pack and the warmer weather had conspired against me by blowing both rivers out. I walked around the condos basically feeling sorry for myself when I spotted a rather large small mouth sitting on a Redd... and the whole direction of the week changed in a heartbeat. Now im not one to typically chase Bass, but I'm also not one to turn his back on an opportunity so bass fisher I became. Armed with my newer cabelas 7 wt and a box of trout flies ( the black buggers and purple egg sucking leeches were the stars of the show ) I polished off the remainder of that day with 12 small mouths and 2 large mouths.. not bad for a steelhead/trout guy I thought. I lost alot of fish the first few days to docks, rocks and weeds, the 4 lb tippet I had just wasn't enough for fish that are such talented escape artist. I managed to round up some 12 lb izor line and put an end to that problem. The glass rod was amazing, fought the heavier fish very well and was still soft enough in the tip to make the smaller fish enjoyable. I know I have always called them ditch pickles, but I have to admit they were worthy adversaries in a time of need.. no Bass were killed in the making of this post- Happy Independence day-


  1. Man, you're making me jealous. Must be tough packing it in, in Alaska to go home to Idaho? I've be there in time for the fish fry!

  2. Nice bass! Surprised to see them on here :D

  3. The high water has been wrecking havoc for a lot of people this year. Looks like the bass made up for it though. Nice job.

  4. "Ditch pickle"... I've never heard that one, and it sure made me laugh.
    Bass are definitely worthy adversaries for the fly rod. Some days they're downright wreckless and will go after just about anything, but other days they can be as tight lipped as any selective trout. Smallmouth are pretty much the best of them too. Looks like you had a pretty good day.