Thursday, March 31, 2011

Why I write.......

This weeks OBN writing prompt is the question " why do you write a blog " well.. here's an answer..

29 years ago a young man named me had a stack of ancient outdoor magazines, and like most boys I would use a flash light to read well past my bed time stories that fascinated me and got my mind wandering to far away places I though I would never go. One of the writers name was Jack O'conner. Jack loved elk hunting and 270 rifles, and so did I, so he quickly became my favorite. Elk season at the time was about 2 weeks long, Jack got me through the other 50 weeks by taking me hunting to Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado and unfortunately sometimes Texas. Jack was my very first hero.
So one day I was sitting reading Hemingway on hunting, I had just finished reading The short happy life of Francis Macomber and suddenly it dawned on me WOW this guy made a career out of telling Lie's.. er I mean stories. I though back a bit and realized I knew a great deal about lying, after all everything they tough me as a child in school was a lie, I had dated enough women to be considered a specialist in lying, I'm a fisherman... heck, maybe someone would want to read my lies. So I started. Suddenly I realized I could lie pretty good but couldn't work my computer or form a sentence to save my life, so I guess for a while I will try to be Hemingway dressed in John Grishams clothing, and maybe I will actually be able to write a decent story some day, but for now I will probably just keep writing when I'm drunk and using spell check and maybe I will get a few more followers over time. Writing is one of the only things that truly challenges my mind, I often feel lost when I sit here.. and I like that feeling. someday this may all come easy, but frankly I kinda hope it never does. But if I'm lucky I will be able to give the same gift that Jack gave to me so many years ago to some fella in a cube farm on a tenth floor office in Jersey..and then it will be worth it to me-


  1. Every post is a story in itself whether true, a lie, or even a half truth. Most people have something to say, bloggers just put it out there for all their friends to read and we appreciate it.


  2. Great inspiration for starting and continuing.

  3. great post, i tottaly agree.

  4. I totally agree. Writing does challenge ones mind. I know it challenges me and the entire process can be mentally exhausting but very rewarding. If for no other reasnon than to provide a written journal of my adventures to look back on it is all well worth the effort.
    When I write I just write what I am thinking. Some times it's profound and some times its immature jibberish. It's all good.

    Cool Blog dude. Keep it up.