Monday, March 14, 2011

Sturgeon Saturday..

Well after chasing winter steelhead basically since the day after thanksgiving I could honestly say I needed a change for a bit, well or at least a day. I used to have a passion for fishing for sturgeon, after all there is probably a 12 footer swimming less than 300 yards from my house as we speak, so its a very convenient target with a very low cost for me, but in the last few years the politics of sturgeon, sea lions, native American gill nets and increased fishing pressure have kinda snuffed the flame for me. last Friday night a light went off in my head... sturg.. must catch sturg! so I sent a message to my friend Nate to see if he would be willing to sit in a pouring rain and not catch fish with me, he was game so the next afternoon we met for a couple hours of fishing, and it didn't rain as fore casted.. and Nate caught his first sturgeon, we only caught little fellers but it was fun just the same, fishing is always fun with the right company-


  1. Hey, great change up opportunity you have there. I have never fished for Sturgeon before, but, have heard a lot of stories over the years about them. Congratulations to Nate on his first Sturgeon. Nice photo's too!

  2. Hey Brad, fun times. My first Sturgeon but definitely not my last! (hopefully I didn't just jinx myself) -Nate

  3. I commonly go there. Great place if the sea lions aren't around.