Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Fly rod kit contest

well, here it is.. my submission. Many thought have passed through my mind on how to win the Hook and hackle xi fly rod kit on owl Jone's fly fishing the southern blue ridge blog.. cofisher took the competition to the level of truth... scoundrel.. so I choose to compete against him with... heart
I don't know what makes you a fly fisher, magazines much like Cosmo, us, and hustler make a person stare at photos, wondering, how can I be like that.. have that.. live like that... and much the same salmon and steel header, outdoor life, and flytyer make us wonder.. can I ever look that good in my Remington waders as that guy looks in his Sims pro guide navy seal Kevlar lined u.v protected waders?... is that a sage xxryple 789 fluid stoke hmg fast action rod.. with a Hardy 3487 retro anti reverse titanium reel with lee wulf pentagon tapered line that can cast 4 times as far as I can set the hook?.... sometimes fly fishing makes me feel ugly.. but I'm not.. I'm real, often I fish alone, I prefer it. I am not a teacher, perhaps I fear an apt pupil will steal my mojo.. take what has been earned by me, through time, error.. failure.. teach yourself you little poacher, this is mine. I love fly fishing. I wasn't going to use love.. but its so appropriate, broke my heart.. yes, sent me to the wolves with unrealistic expectations...yes, given me the best memories of my life.. yes. Some say fishing is like religion, I say no, fishing is like marriage.. I have put too much heart, too much time, money, effort... but yet it has given me the finest challenges and memories of my life. Do I deserve this kit.. of course not. No one who has reaped the rewards of fly fishing as much as I have deserves anything but what they have already harvested.. but yet I ask.. do you want my address? I come from humble beginnings, I have fished and casted the worst Cortland and Shakespeare rods on earth... and I have cast the best, hardy, walton powell, and Thomas& Thomas.. and all I can say is its still you against the fish, and you can't buy what I have.. fly fishing is the only thing eloquent and beautiful I do, it is the only art I have in me.. I will never stop learning, and will only grow.. I will never be satisfied with my cast or mends, I will never tie an ant small enough, I will never present a nymph slow enough.. I am a constant student, clay that will never harden.. a rod that will never bend far enough to break.... so I have to admit that I am often hypnotised by a four count rhythm.. and the hope that a fish will rise.. "the river was carved by Gods great flood, and flows over rocks from the basement of time.. on some of those rocks lay ancient raindrops.. and underneath lie the words.. and if we listen closely all our lives we might hear those words.......... I am haunted by waters",................. I hear those words


  1. Pretty good stuff. Found your blog today on OBN. I like it very much. In fact I am hitting the "follow" button right now! =_)

    The Average Joe Fisherman

  2. Another nice read and to tell you the truth, I wish you luck!