Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Great Start

Well thanksgiving is the day I re-start my steel head year, so on Friday morning I decided I should head out and see what I could stir up, It was raining cats and dogs as I headed up hw 30 at 5:00 am... and it was cold... I was a little worried I was wasting my time. I arrived at river X ( too early in the season to give up spots that are fishing ) and started to fish, water was a little murky and not the best fly water.. so I started casting spinners. Started out with a brass blue fox and didn't raise anything so I switched to my go to spinner for river X a mepps glo in white and pink. I hooked two on it but lost them.. little fellers. After an inspection of the hooks I determined they were too dull and not having a stone with me decided to switch to a new out of the package tear drop spoon.. 10 minutes later in two feet of water Bam! fish on... I knew he was a good fish but after he jumped once my heart started to race, thought he was an early native and seemed like he could go 20 pounds! I couldn't control him for the first five minutes, but then out of fear I let him work down river with a loosened drag for about 50 yards to a spot I could land him.. ( by now I had determined he was a hatchery fish.. and I was really exited!) let him hold against the opposite bank for a bit occasionally pulling on him to burn him out.. walked out into the river and reached down and tailed him and he was mine.... what a day.. and what a start to my favorite time of year to fish.... winter.

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  1. I just got home from fishing and after reading this post I'm about to turn around and walk right back out the door! I've only made it once so far to Eagle Creek. Need to get the seasons first Steelie before Christmas!