Monday, November 22, 2010

Atka Alaska Dollys

Well im gonna use the next couple days to catch up on some summer adventures, so heres a trip from Atka fromaugust. It was forecast to blow 55-60 kts for a few days, so we layed up in martin harbor. Ray and I knew of a small stream just teeming with fat little dolly's, so not being one to shy away from some trout action we put ashore in a gale and headed up the little creek. Action was immediate, first cast with a washed out 6mm bead and fish on! mostly little guys, but a couple 16-18 inchers around. We headed up the creek further and encountered a Native and his son, brother or who knows.... doing what alaskas first people do best... snagging silvers.. the young kid looked at my flyrod like I was holding a unicorns head or something... and asked me " how ya gonna catch a fish with that" it was my browning medalist 5 wt.. a junker I use when I think we might dump the skiff, next thing you know his partner snags and hauls up about a 7-8 lb trophy dolly and laughs... and throw it in the weeds! ohhhh man... I was a little pissed but hey.. it their island so keep up the good managment... I also inclueded a shot of the fourwheeler they rode right up the creek bed and left sitting in the run.. all in all about a 50 fish day and a nice rainbow to promise us that we would get to go to work soon-


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  2. nice dolly brad
    and those native alaskans piss me off too, ive seen numerous videos of them with big nasty treble hooks, but its all good they wont have enough fish to snag if they6 keep it up


    1. "--=not enough fish to snag if they keep it up." What business is it of yours if you are not a native.They should have kicked youout.