Monday, February 11, 2013


Months ago I raised my pitchfork and cried out against the word verification captcka... lately many of my Brave blogger friends have removed this horrific control setting from their accounts, leaving themselves open to bots and crazys who could leave whatever they wish as a comment, I find the move forward honest and genuine.. I join them today, in an act of solidarity, brotherhood... agreement, I have removed word verification and comment moderation from my blog.. please, no comments about hair removal or what you have seen Katie Perry doing with Taylor Swift.. this is a fishing blog.. I think? Tight lines Ya'll-


  1. I put mine on for a while, but took it off again. I still get one or two that get past spam, but all I do is delete them. It's a lot easier than fooling with captcha.

  2. I set by blog up with having to be a google user thinking that most everyone uses google for something. Haven't lost anyone that I am aware of. But...Keep moderation so you can keep out the crap. It's worked 100% for me. No spam gets posted that way.

  3. Thanks, Brad, I really appreciate what you have done to make commenting easier for me and others. I do have my settings set up so that I do get to moderate and approve all comments. Doesn't take too much time, and, if a comment is spam or otherwise contradictory to my fly fishing foolishness, I just don't approve that comment. Looking forward to reading more this year on your blog.