Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Another direction

Tonite I read a post on another blog that really hit home for me, it covered the basic feeling of not feeling the need to blog. To be honest I have tons of material and photos from the last two months but just havent formed or molded them into a post, time, the lack of it, or acomplishing other goals has caused me to neglect this blog. Ive recieved a few emails in the last couple weeks asking if everything is ok.. thank you for your concern, truth be told I have been focusing on another project that is closer to my heart... a book, for me, as im not sure who would wish to read it otherwise, the problem is I am a poor writer and frankly under educated for the task I have undertaken... great stories about steelhead, friends, bears and beer.. easy right? it is hard to put what is in my mind down on paper in the same fashion that the stories are in my heart. Im seeking higher education for this problem. I promise to write more in the near futer- Good fishin


  1. From someone who has written and published a book, a few FYI's. Write it like a timeline of your life. It makes it easier to keep it all in perspective. Write it all and then go back and fine tune it. Email me if you have questions. I'll be glad to help any way I can.


  2. Thank you Mark, I believe I have never quite had the respect for professional writers that they deserve.

  3. Don't sell yourself short brother. You have a knack at telling a mean story and I enjoy your writing style. Good luck with your efforts! A book is on my bucket list as well...Definately not a simple undertaing.

  4. Good luck with your efforts. As someone with a lot of higher education who is also trying to write a book, I'm not sure the diplomas help all that much. You've got some great stories though, and that's the important part.