Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A slight Distain for the art

I can't stand it one more day, I cannot lie to my family or friends any longer, I need to come out with this.. and today I will.. I hate tying flies. What? yes you read it here first, the RIVER KEEPER hates tying flies, always have too. I started tying flies because the materials and tools came to me free, and the next 500 flies were free, then I was given more free material.. 300 more free flies.. then I made the mistake of purchasing materials in bulk, next thing you know.. poof a whole room dedicated to it. The problem is purchasing flies like ants, scuds, woolly buggers, and x caddis all of which I can crank out at an astonishing pace doesn't make financial sense at 50 cents to a $1.50 apiece a fella saves alot of money building his own. But the other side of the coin is the Adams, Drakes, pmd's wool headed sculpins.. the flies I use but prefer not to waste my time when I can just buy them. Too many fly fishers think you have to be a tier to be a real fly fisherman and that's just a bunch of crap, tying and fishing are two completely separate arts and talents, tying flies is just that, and fishing is just fishing... neither one requires the other to justify it.. I have reached a point financially in my life where I buy the flies I don't feel like tying, and Always buy flies when I'm on expeditions to new rivers since each river has its own twist of flies.. and I feel just fine about it-


  1. I tie the ones I like to tie and are big enough
    (size 6 to about 14) for my fat fingers. Anything smaller I purchase. Makes it much easier.


  2. Ditto Shoreman. I tie the one's I tie well (usually the one's I like and fish alot) and I buy the one's I can't stand to tie. No problem with that.

  3. I was never a decent small dry fly tyer. So I had to purchase those. Like very much how you expressed your thoughts on the matter.

  4. Nice to get the feed back, I can't stand the image that a well rounded fisher ties his own tree ornaments... I can get most flies tied american for around 50 cents... my time is worth more than that, I,d rather read about fishing or write about it than sit trying not to get drunk in a room that seems to be shrinking by the minute!

  5. George "Troutier Bassier"February 16, 2011 at 8:27 PM

    I get more of a satisfactory feeling when I tie my own flies and catch fish like it. There is no other.
    Not only did I succeed in fooling the fish, but also I created my own fly which the fish took. That to me is the best feeling.
    Also I really enjoy tying. Sometimes I go to bed early so I can wake up early the next morning before school to tie a few buggers or my own inventions.

  6. Wow, someone else that feels the same way about tying flies as me. I only enjoy fly tying once in a long while, like maybe twice a year. I have to be in a special rare mood to tie flies. I go through way more flies and jigs than I can tie. You're not the only one in this boat.