Wednesday, December 29, 2010


The title says it all.. almost 2 solid weeks of constant rain has really put a damper on spoons, muddy water requires bait.. I don't use bait.. I don't catch fish- I did hit the necanicum by klootchy creek and the water was spoon worthy for the first 3 hrs. Early on I had a denial that I watched with dissapointment, then 2 hrs later I had back to back denials to a usally productive spoon... so I figured I have a line issue, so I came home and re-spooled but dropped down to 10#, I personaly fish 15 lb with spoons, the fish typicaly don't seem to care, but I guess when it gets dirty it must really show. So on a good note the rain has turned to snow so I will head to Big and Gnat creek in the morning to see what they look like.... but this time I will have my flyrod, just in case the water is out of wack... I know how to fish bad water with a flyrod.. so I guess we will see- Tight lines


  1. Ya the rain has really been getting old! I know as fisherman we gotta find ways to catch em when the waters high but it just gets frustrating sometimes. While I used bait quite a bit this fall for Salmon I'm just sick of it, I wanna get back to tossing spinners but the rain is just making it rough. Thank god for this cold dry weather for the next little bit, and according to a weather blog I read it could be getting really cold in about a week. Hopefully in no time the water will be down and we'll be out there fishing our butts off! Happy New Year!

  2. Weather can be a cruel nemesis. Great blog and hope you don't mind me as a follower. Best of luck in 2011.