Sunday, March 21, 2010


This winter I did a personal challenge to fill my tag with spoon only caught steelhead. It went pretty good although I didn't reach my goal. Carons work got busy, Mike got married the 1st weekend of the month. ( mike is my wifes brother ) so I only fished 3 times after setting the goal, but 1 spoon jumped to the forefront right from the begining. It was a teardrop Rainbow Plastics steelhead spoon in a Green yellow white and orange design. It just saved every trip and caught extremely large aggressive fish. So now that im back to fly fishing I decided to mimick it inan egg sucking leech pattern..... wonder how it will do on those Alaskan native steel.


  1. no, I live in oregon but work in alaska-

  2. Well that must be amazing. i was confused cause i saw you on the forum, but a lot of your posts are about Alaska.
    Well have fun fishing.