Saturday, June 22, 2013

Gone for the summer-

IM taking a break from writing the blog while working on the book.. to see my latest action please use the facebook badge on the right of the screen. See everyone in the Fall- Brad

Monday, February 11, 2013


Months ago I raised my pitchfork and cried out against the word verification captcka... lately many of my Brave blogger friends have removed this horrific control setting from their accounts, leaving themselves open to bots and crazys who could leave whatever they wish as a comment, I find the move forward honest and genuine.. I join them today, in an act of solidarity, brotherhood... agreement, I have removed word verification and comment moderation from my blog.. please, no comments about hair removal or what you have seen Katie Perry doing with Taylor Swift.. this is a fishing blog.. I think? Tight lines Ya'll-


No posts, pictures, links... absent without a note from my parents, in september my son ask me, "Dad, what was fishing like when you were a kid?"... simple, worms, hookin dragonfly nymphs and hopper through the thorax.. bull trout and cutts and warm days.. level lines and $25 flyrods.. Im tired of the wild steelhead coalition, trout unlimited.. pebble mine, low returns.. native rights.. I did not get into this game to be a politician, For the last three months Ive been living inside of my own heart, just fishin.. I have missed just fishing.. I have no need for affirmation or pictures.. I simply have walked alone and casted for the sake of a cast.. it has been nice, I feel social again- Brad

Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Santa is aloft, Norad is heating up the radar and children all over the world can hardly contain their exitement.. tomorrow is the most beautiful of days, the celibration of our saviours birth, I am a fortunate soul.. I will take time tomorrow to think of and pray for those who are less fortunate, away from their families or worse..have no families, I have recieved every gift that is required for me to be filled with happiness... God bless us, every one- Brad

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Riverkeeper on Facebook

I have always tried to keep this blog about fishing, I have never tried to promote it really in any way. Alot of you would be suprised to know that none of my family and most of my friends do not even know it exists... I,ve kept it that way for the most part to avoid being chastized for how much I fish, and in part because I wished to see how many stranger would be interested, not because they knew me, but because they enjoyed the blog... as far as I can tell that makes about 48 of you..thanks for following. I am coming out of the blogging closet, this week I will spread the word amongst my family, friends, and peers and the joy and exitement of the Riverkeeper page can now be enjoyed by the world.. not just the fishing blogger cult. I have started a facebook page and have provided the essential link to go there and "like" the Riverkeeper.. The reason for this is that while on the road and traveling for work I have many adventures that I would like to share on this blog, but as time passes the trips fade into the past and never make the blog. My Iphone and facebook are a match made in Heaven, I can post photos, videos and short blurbs about trips anywhere I have a cell signal.. I hope this keeps folks in touch better than when I would simply dissapear for 2 months... sooo if you like the blog... you will love the Facebook. Once I reach 100 "likes" I will draw a name from that group and give them a $100 bill to go buy some cool swag of their own choice.. and Cash always leaves out the Guvment if ya know what I mean- Thank you all, good fishin.... and press "Like" - Brad

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


As my good friend Waco say's.. a picture is worth a thousand words.. they are indeed here, 2 for 3 with 5 months to go... Hatchery Buck and a Native hen.. God I love this-

Monday, November 26, 2012


The Gear is stowed in the truck, The cold frost that adorned the windshield and handle confirmed that it is time, the turkey is gone, even the horrid turkey sandwich left overs that uncle Stew dreams of all year.. The steelhead counter has been re-set, the score is 0/0 in the first with 5 months to go.. winter steel starts for me in the morning, Im so exited I could shit. Age has not loosed the grip that the anticipation of fishing has upon me, same as it ever was, 4 or 40... the fish still haunt me. This house is a prison to my ambition tonight.. if I fished a river further away I could start driving soon... Seeking solice I reach for one of my favorite books, IN THE RING OF THE RISE by Vincent C. Marinaro.. in my opinion the most important book ever written about fishing I pour myself 2 fingers of Absinthe ( thank you my online friends in a former soviet republic) shut off all but the reading light and continue reading a book that I have read at least 5 times.. sleep will find me soon, and then I will awake and step into the cold air letting it fill my lungs, I hope its cold enough to hurt.. I need it to hurt ( but warm up by ten or so ) they have come home, they always come home.. the only real constant in my life. If you are trying to think of a nice gift to purchase the fisherman in your life for Christmas Vincents book is an enlightening look at trout behavior and rise forms.. a must read- Happy holidays everyone.